What we’re about

The European Pony Convention Union (EPCU) is a group committed to providing well run conventions related to the Hasbro “My Little Pony” franchise. We understand that in today’s economic climate, people want to know who they can trust to create a safe, stable and guaranteed event.

To meet this goal, our member conventions all adhere to a set of rules and requirements that each event organising body must meet in order maintain EPCU approval:

  • A legally recognised organisation within Europe
  • An organised funding plan
  • A Public Relations plan
  • Respect Intellectual Property
  • Family Friendly
  • A measure of Transparency
  • Previous Experience

The EPCU is made up of a committee of representatives drawn from organisers of member conventions. We provide support to new conventions to help them meet our standards and produce quality events, and to each other.

Our aim is that conventions who can prove good organisation are less likely to have any problems that may adversely affect attendees, guests or the fandom. When a convention has proven to the committee’s satisfaction that they meet our requirements, then the convention may show the EPCU logo on their website. This provides a measure of trust and confidence in the convention. Fans, guests and others will be able to better judge which conventions are the most likely to be trusted to meet their obligations.